QC Profile

Our mission is to be the leading manufacturer &supplier of high quality USB Flash disk by offering competitive prices and exceptional service.


Material Standard Policy

1. Quality is the life, PHP is confident in the superior quality of products being the most effective salesman.


2, We ensure that all products and accessories (Case, Chips, Packing etc.) are from the leading brands in China domestic and abroad, to ensure high quality


3, We ensure all products, accessories, packages pass 100% of the quality inspection before delivery, the product will not issue a problem


4, We ensure all products can offer the test tool to customer to check how the quality it is and the flash details 


5, We ensure all products compliance with export standards (e.g. CE, FCC, RoHS) and quality certification.


6, Product warranty period of at least  3 Years


7, We ensure all products must be in accordance with the relevant laws of the people's Republic of China.



Enterprise mission:

No up and down grading flash we will offer good price with good Service with reliable quality


Corporate vision:

We want to be good Partner with customer in the Honest way with full Power --Grow up and Face the problem together)

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